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* ABBOTT: All About Abbotts - 1990 - 1992
   Newsletter about Abbott families from England, Germany and Ireland
   By Margaret Fenton Gardner (Midway, Utah, 1990) - FHB

* ACHESON: A History of the Acheson Family

   on the Paternal Side. Married Elizabeth Weir about 1754
   By A. W. Acheson (Prepared and Printed for the Private Use of the Family, Pittsburgh, 1878) - FHB


   - Adams Family History and Genealogy
     John Adams born in Lancaster (?), Ireland
     By May Adams Arbuckle (Indiana, 1956) - FHB
   - The Descendants of William James Adams and Cassandra Hills Adams
     William was b. abt. 1689 in Ulster, Ireland; d. Derry, Rockingham County, New Hampshire
     Related families: Best (Co. Armagh); Dudley (Co. Tipperary)
     By Anne Adams Helms (Salinas, California, 1999) - FHB
   - History of the Adams Family
     John Adams of Co. Cavan to Wilkes County, North Carolina abt. 1755
     By Lewie Henry Adams, Linda Jane Adams Plante, Adams Family Association (Montgomery, Alabama, 1981) - FHB
   - Our Adams Family: Scotland - Northern Ireland - America
     William Adams mar. Katherine Busby at Donaghadee, Co. Down 1795; 4 of their 5 children settled in Pennsylvania 
     By Jane Brankstone Thomas (Published privately, USA, 1996) - FHB

* ALBRIGHT, THORNTON: The Mosher, Albright, Rice Thornton and Allied Families
   Related families: Thornton (Co. Clare); Albright; Kinney; Bryan; de Clare (Limerick); FitzGerald; MacMurrough
   By David Arne Sisson (Rochester, New York, 2007) - FHB


   - The Alexander family of Scotland, Ireland, and America...
     By Frances Austin Arnold (Carrollton, Missouri, 1896) - OL
     of the families of Alexander... my great grandparents were natives of Ireland
     By Wm. G. Alexander (Cripple Creek, Colorado, 1892) - OL
   - A record of the descendants of John Alexander, of Lanarkshire, Scotland, and his wife, Margaret Glasson, who emigrated from County Armagh, Ireland
     to Chester County, Pennsylvania, A. D. 1736
     By John E. Alexander (Philadelphia, 1878) - OL - County Armagh in: Google Maps
     A Brief Sketch of the Alexander Family and the Scotch-Irish
     By Jewel Alexander Bartholomew (Utah, 1999) - FHB
   - Sketch of Alexander Alexander who Emigrated from County Down, Ireland in the Year 1770 and ...
     By Walter Scott Alexander (McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania, 1878) - OL - County Down in: Google Maps

   By Leonard Allison Morrison (Boston, 1893) - OL


   - Allen Ancestors and Kinfolk
     Hugh Allen was born in about 1748 in Ireland
     By Don T. Mitchell (Westborough, Maryland, 1984, revised 1995) - FHB
   - Allen of Hanover
     William Allen, b. Co. Antrim, 1709; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
     By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps
   - Descendants of James and Anna Bella (Sterritt) Allen of County Down
     Elizabeth Allen emigrated 1910; descendants in Michigan
     By Allen Raymond Streeter (Saginaw, Michigan, 1988) - FHB
   - Historic Families of Kentucky
     By Thomas Marshall Green (Cincinnati, 1889) - OL

* ALLISON: The Allisons of Avish Hill and the Miramichi

   William Allison, b. 1768; emigrated to Canada 1824 with 6 children; descendants in New Brunswick, Wisconsin
   By Roger RuthMargaret Sayre Stallman Ruth (Rochester, New York, 2003) - FHB

* ALTON: The Genealogy of Daniel Alton, Agnes Ruttle

   and their 7 children who left Ireland 1847 and settled at Belfast, Huron County, Ontario; descendants in Canada, USA; possibly a Palatine family
   By Frank Alton (Canada? 1983) - FHB

* ANDERSON: The Genealogy of Jacob Farrand Pringle...

   By J. F. Pringle (Cornwall, 1892) - IA

* ANDERSON, DENNY: William Anderson and Rebecca Denny

   and Their Descendants 1706 - 1914; William b. 1706 of a Scotch family; mar. Rebecca; 6 children; emigrated from County Antrim 1742
   By Mary Anderson Leonard (reprint Salem, Massachusetts, original Reidville, South Carolina, 1914) - FHB


   - Andrews Family
     John Andrews of Londonderry, Ireland came to Pennsylvania in 1737; extract from Families of Shaw, Ainsworth, Andrews, Hunt
     By Moses J. Wentworth (Chicago, 1897) - OL - Derry/Londonderry in: Google Maps
   - Genealogical Notes
     of the Thomas family of Maryland
     By Lawrence Buckley Thomas (Baltimore, 1877) - OL

* ANGLIM: Anglim Odysseys - An Anglim Family History

   Anglims in Ireland, England, United States, Australia
   By Christopher Anglim (Silver Spring, Maryland, 2011) - Word doc - LCC

* ANNIS: Annis Genealogy

   extract from The Essex Antiquarian; Curmac, alias Charles Annis 'came from Enniskelen (Enniskillen) b. 1638; a planter, he lived in Newbury
   By Unknown author (Salem, Massachusetts) - OL - Enniskillen in: Google Maps

* ARCHER: Patrick Archer and His Descendants (abt. 1717 - abt. 1793)

   of Ireland , Frederick County Maryland, Green County, Pennsylvania and 2 eldest of 5 sons
   By George W. Archer (McLean, Virginia, 1999) - FHB

   - The Armstrong Family of Windham, NH
     By Leonard A. Morrison (Windham, New Hampshire? 1885) - IA
   - A Complete Genealogy of the Armstrong Family
     1740 - 1920
     Compiled by Geo. W. Armstrong (Lisbon, Ohio? 1920) - IA
   - Francis Armstrong of Ireland and his Descendants in America
     b. 1802; mar. Elizabeth McFarland; 7 children; settled Jamaica, Long Island
     By Brenda Robertson (Wichita, Kansas, 1995) - FHB
   - Origin and History of the Name of Armstrong
     Historical and Biographical
     By Unknown Author (USA, 1904) - IA
   - Vail and Armstrong - A Short Record of My Ancestors
     Francis Armstrong of Lisburn, Co. Antrim; settled 1727 on Long Island
     By Charles M. Vail (Goshen, New York, 1894) - FHB Library of Congress catalogue 1919

   - The Arrells of Ulster
      Part III of The Arrol, Arroll and Arrell Families; Castledawson, Magherafelt, Knocklouchrim, Cabragh, Bellaghy; descendants in Northern Ireland, Canada, England, Scotland, New Zealand, Japan and United States
      By John Arrol, Edited by Robert N. Arrol, M.D. (Danville, California, 1994) - IA - Northern Ireland in: Google Maps
      from Ireland to North America
      By James S. Hannum, M.D. (Baltimore, MD, 2000)

* ARTHUR: Arthur Family Newsletter Vol IV No. 1
   mention of Arthur families of Ireland who emigrated to USA
   By Mrs. Arlene Arthur Smith (Cottage Grove, Oregon, 1980) - FHB

* ASKINS: The Askins Clan

   Henry Erskine/Askins/Haskins emigrated from Ulster and founded Stuartstown, South Carolina
   By Wm. R. Askins, Jr. (Fayetteville, Tennessee 1978) - FHB


   - The Athey Family Data File
     By Robert L. Athey (2nd Ed. Hanford, California, 1989) - FHB
   - The Family of Henry Athey
     of Maryland, South Carolina and Alabama; ancestors from Ireland
     By Thomas Whitfield Athey, III (Brookeville, Maryland, 1994) - FHB
   - Genealogy of the Athey Family in America 1642 - 1932 [Currently unavailable]
     George Athey emigrated from Ireland to Maryland
     By Dr. C. E. Athy (Marietta, Ohio, 1932) - FHB - Clue Index to this book by H. C. Bumgarner (Lake Oswego, Oregon, 1988) - FHB 


   - Captain George Athy of Galway and Maryland and his descendants
   - The Descendants of Corporal John Athy
     8th company, 3rd Virginia Regiment of Foot
     By Lawrence F. Athy (Houston, Texas, 1987) - FHB - Galway in: Google Maps

* ATKINSON: The Atkinsons of New Jersey
  Quakers and brothers, James (one account says came from Drogheda) and Thomas Atkinson, arrived in Philadelphia from Belfast, 1681
   By Jno. B. Atkinson (Earlington, Kentucky, 1890) - OL - Drogheda in: Google Maps

* AULD: William Auld Sr.
   b. near Moneyreagh, Co. Down; mar. Margaret Cauldwell, 1774; came to Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, 1787, later Harrison County Ohio
   By David Walton Auld (Saratoga, California, 1985) - FHB

* AULL: The Aull and Martin Genealogy
   A Scotch-Irish family
   By William F. Aull (Philadelphia, 1920) - HT

* AWL: Awl of Paxtang

   Jacob Awl, b. north of Ireland, 1727; d. Paxtang, Dauphin county, 1793; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Ulster in: Google Maps

* AYRES: Ayres Family

   Samuel Ayres of County Antrim, arrived Philadelphia, 1745; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps


* BABINGTON: Lucas Babington 1805 - 1851 and his Descendants in America
   b. Dublin, son of William Babington and Mary Kennedy; mar. Dublin, 1829 Sidney Pasley, dau of Charles Pasley and Jane Lamprey; emigrated to Saint-Louis, Missouri 1851
   By Charles M. Babington, Jr. (St. Louis, Missouri, 1965) - FHB

* BAILIE: A History and Genealogy of the Family of Bailie
   of North of Ireland, formerly of  Scotland, later of United States and Canada
   By George Alexander Bailie (Augusta, Georgia, 1902) - IA 

* BAIRD, BEARD: Baird Family 1824 - 1993

   Archibal (Beard) Baird b. Ireland 1824, d. Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1906
   By Donald E. Patrick (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1993) - FHB

* BAIRD: Genealogical History of the Families

   Histories of the Scotch-Irish and of the Presbyterians in the Revolutionary War
   By Newton Whitfield McConnell (USA, 19--) - IA

* BAKER: Cummings, Baker: Passage to Easy Street

   Michael Baker, b. Ballymacward, Galway 1812, moved to St. Clair, Pennsylvania
   By Peggy Baker Cummings (USA, 1988?) - FHB - Ballymacward in: Google Maps

* BALDWIN: Genealogy of Baldwins from Queen's County Ireland

   and their descendants in America and Elsewhere
   By William Baldwin, L.P. (East Orange, New Jersey, 1918) - FHB - County Laois (formerly Queen's County) in: Google Maps


   - Baltimore Bound
     Descendants of John and Mary Ball of Dungannon, County Tyrone, later Talbot County, Maryland; also Alexander McClintock and Ann Patterson of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal; McMahon
     By Mary Claire Bavis (Baltimore, 2002) - FHB - Dungannon in: Google Maps - Letterkenny in: Google Maps
   - Conquering the Frontiers - A Biography and History of One Branch of the Ball Family
     James Ball was b. 1749 or 1751, sailed from Dublin, settled Culpeper County, Virginia
     By Roy Hutton Ball (Oklahoma City, ) - FHB - Dublin in: Google Maps

* BARD: The Bard Family
   Bards of "Carroll's Delight", A Chronicle of the Bards, The Bard Kinship
   By G. O. Seilhamer, Esq. (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1908) - OL

* BARKER, WARREN: The Barker and Warren Families from Ireland

   and Allied families; Benjamin Doxey Barker, b. 1810; mar. Margaret Warren, 1838; immigrated in 1848 to Frontenac County Ontario, then in 1851/2 to Will County, Illinois
   By Grace Hildy Croft (Provo, Utah, 1974) - FHB

* BARNETT: Barnett Family

   John Barnett, b. neighbourhood of Londonderry, 1678 with brother William Barnett emigrated to Pennsylvania bef. 1730 locating in Hanover township; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Derry/Londonderry in: Google Maps


   - History of the Barr Family
     beginning with... Robert Barr and Mary Wills
     By Rev. Wm. B. Barr (Hoboken, New Jersey, 1901) - OL
   - James Barr and His Descendants
     By Doris B. Barr (Lancaster, S.C. 1985) - FHB

* BARRON: Barron Lineage

   followed by 'Barron Family in America'; extract from 'American Family Antiquity' - Vol I
   By Albert Welles (New York, 1880) - OL


   - Barry Lore
     Col. Charles Barry 1660 - 1730 b. Santry, Co. Dublin; Rev. William T. Barry b. Newton, Co. Louth 1683 came to America 1720
    By Sloan F. and Mary Lou Million (Colorado Springs, CO., microfilmed 1993) - FHB - Santry in: Google Maps
   - The Barry Family Records - Vol I
     Captain Charles Barry and his Descendants
     By Laurence H. Parker (Boston, 1951) - FHB


   - The Baskin - Baskins Family, South Carolina - Pennsylvania
     William Baskin, Sr. immigrated from Ireland to Chester County, Pennsylvania abt. 1732
     By Raymond Martin Bell (Washington, Pennsylvania, 1963) - FHB
   - A Family Genealogy
     Reid - Baskin Line - The Baskin family of Ireland settled on the Juniata River, Pennsylvania
     Compiled by William Henry Beck (Georgia, 1958) - IA

* BATES: Bates - A Brief History and Genealogy of Joseph Harrison Bates

   of Scotch-Irish descent
   By his son Madison C. Bates (Galesburg, Illinois, 1915) - HT

* BALDWIN: Genealogy of Baldwins
   From Queen's County Ireland and Their Descendents in America and Elsewhere
   By William Baldwin, L. P. (East Orange, New Jersey, 1918) - HT - County Laois (formerly Queen's County) in: Google Maps

* BAYLIS: Connolly-Baylis Family History
   Thomas Fulsher Baylis b. Dublin 1823
   By Barbara Jean Connolly (Santa Rosa, California, 1993) - FHB - Dublin in: Google Maps

* BEATH: Beath Pelham Families

   Beath and Fullerton families from Co. Tyrone
   By Margery Reed Beath Potter aged 81 years (Georgetown? 1870) - FHB - Northern Ireland in: Google Maps


   - Ancestral Patriots 1776 : Biographical Sketches of My Ancestors
     Beatty and Murphy
     By Lola Frances Murphy McMeen (Provo, Utah, 1976) -FHB
   - Beatty Family
   James Beatty, b. Scotland abt. 1670, settled Ballykeel-Ednagonnel, parish of Hillsborough, Co. Antrim; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Hillsborough in: Google Maps
   - Family and Descendants of Hugh Beatty 1799 - 1859
   of Dryland Bridge, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone and Butler County, Pennsylvania; m. Miss McGaugh who d. Tyrone
   By Nancy Robertson (Raton, New Mexico, 1996) - FHB - Cookstown in: Google Maps

* BEATTY, BEATTIE: Beatty-Asfordby
   Ancestry traced to Goffrey or Jeffrey who fought with Brian Boru at the Battle of Clontarf, A.D. 1014
   By Mrs. Samuel Rudolph Turk (Staunton, Virginia, 1909) - FHB - Battle of Clontarf in: Wikipedia

* BECK: His Record is High: Synopsis of the Family of Thomas Beck
   b. Belfast, 1800; mar. in Adams County Mississippi 1824
   By Beth C. Zimmer (Mankato, Minnesota, microfiched 2005) - FHB

   - 2,177 Descendants of Arthur White
     of Beaver County, Pennsylvania 1767 - 1999
     by Dennis B. Ardinger (Bridgeville, Pennsylvania, 1999) FHB
   - Ancestors and Descendants of Bell, Harbison and George Family
     Surnames in Ireland: Bell, Henderson, McGowin, Mills, McWilliams
     By Josh Bowles Bell (Hernando, Missouri, 1983) - FHB
   - The Bell Family
     with the 'Narrative of William Bell and excerpts from the Diaries of Beecher Bell; James C. Bell descended from an immigrant from Ireland of Pennsylvania, later Copley Ohio
     By Arthur H. Clark, Jr. (Glendale, California, 1981) - FHB
   - The Bell Family in America
     John Bell... was born in Ballymoney, County Antrim... in 1679...
     By William M. Clemens (New York, 1913) - IA - Ballymoney in: Google Maps
   - Genealogy of the Bell Family of Hagerstown, Maryland
     Matthew Bell b. near Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, abt. 1677 of Scottish descent; emigrated abt 1710; settled at Chester County, Pennsylvania
     By Unknown author (for the private use alone of the families alluded to..., Washington, 1894) - FHB - Coleraine in: Google Maps
   - John Bell of Londonderry and his Scottish Ancestry
     b. 1678, Ballymoney, Co. Antrim; emigrated to America 1719
     By Louis Bell (USA, 1920) - FHB - Ballymoney in: Google Maps

* BICKERSTAFF: Compiled Genealogy of Eleanor Morgan Riddle

   Grandfather of William Bickerstaff was born on the ocean enroute from County Downe, Ireland
   By Eleanor Morgan Riddle (Pennsylvania? digital 2008) - FHB - County Down in: Google Maps


   - Descendants of James Bingham
     of Kilmore Parish, Co. Down; m. 1753, Ann Cleland; 4 of their children emigrated to North Carolina
     By James Barry Bingham (Baltimore, 1980) - FHB - Kilmore in: Google Maps
   -  Descendants of Robert Bingham of County Antrim
     b. 1712; emigrated as widower with 6 children to Charleston, South Carolina
     By Sibyl Scott Graham (Hurst Texas, 1993) - FHB
   - Genealogy of the Bingham Family in the United States
     ... including notes on the Binghams of Philadelphia and of Irish Descent...
     Compiled by Theodore A. Bingham, M.A. (Yale) (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1898) - OL

   - Black Family
      of Rocavan, Ireland and the United States - pedigree and correspondence, ca. 1821-1864
      Donated by Mrs. Joan Comparelli (Vancouver, B.C., Aug 1983) - FHB
   - A Clerical Tradition: The Story of the Black and Related Families
     in Scotland, Ireland, USA and Australia
     By Robyn Jessiman (Wagga Wagga, 2001) - FHB
   - The Life and Legacy of Joseph Smith Black
     b. Lisburn, Co. Antrim, son of William Young Black and Jane Johnston; mar. in Utah
     By Garth Reid (Thatcher, Utah, 2010) - FHB

* BLACKBURN: A Gift of Faith : Elias Hicks Blackburn, Pioneer, Patriarch, and Healer

   Mormon descendants of Quaker John Blackburn, Sr. of Richhill and Ballyhagen who came to Pennsylvania in 1736
   By Voyle L. Munson, Lillian S. Munson (Eureka, Utah, 1991) - FHB

* BLACKMORE: Morans, Stantons, Blackmores

   Ixonia, Wisconsin Families; Moran (Co. Meath); Stanton (Co. Mayo); Blackmore (Co. Tipperary)
   Related Families: Gelshen, Hayes, Boswell, Rutledge, Quirk, McNally, Kane, O'Brien
   By Joseph L. Druse (East Lancing, Michigan, 1999) - FHB - Co. Meath in: Google Maps - Co. Mayo in: Google Maps - Co. Tipperary in: Google Maps

* BLACKSTOCK: George, John, William and Moses Blackstock of County Cavan

   sons of Rev. John? Blackstock of Scottish origin; George emigrated to Canada; William of New York and Ontario, etc.
   By Ordella McIntyre Park (Canada? abt. 2000) - FHB

* BLACKWOOD: John Blackwood of Northern Ireland

   and his American Descendants - Michigan
   By James Owen Schuyler (San Carlos, California, 2004) - FHB

* BLAINE: The Blaine Family

   James Blaine, Emigrant
   By John Ewing Blaine (Cincinnati, 1920) - OL


   - The Very Rev. James Bland of Sedbergh, Yorkshire who settled in Co. Kerry, 1692
     (Killarney) and his British and American descendants; mar. Lucy Brewster dau. of Lord Mayor of Dublin Sir Francis Brewster and his wife the dau. of Sir William Fownes also a Lord Mayor of Dublin
     By Grace Bland Clifford (Bethesda, Maryland, 2004) - FHB
   - Bland of Virginia, USA in: O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol II

* BLENNERHASSETT: Historic Blennerhassett Island Home
   Including biographies
   By Alvaro F.Gibbens, A. M. (Parkersburg, West Virginia, 1914) - OL

* BLISS: Bliss Family Genealogy

   of County Leitrim to England then USA
   Surnames in Ireland: Bliss changed from Mulvanaghty/Mulvanaughty/Mulvey; Gilchrist/Kilchrist, Harrington
   By Patricia Bliss Cox, Calvin E. Cox (Newport News, Virginia, filmed 2003) - FHB - Co. Leitrim in: Google Maps

* BOAKE: The Beech Tree - A Boake Family History

   of England, Ireland, America and Canada from 1333-1970
   By Dorothy Boake Panzer (California? 1970) - IA

* BOAZ: Edmond Boaz 1745 - 1817 and his descendants
   b. Scotland; m. N. Ireland, 1742, Agnes; emigrated to Virgina
   By Thurmond DeWitte Boaz, Ruth Mae Cunningham Morgan (Virginia, 1988) - FHB

 * BOLTON: Bolton Families in Ireland
   with their English and American Kindred
   By Charles Knowles Bolton (Boston, 1937) - IA

* BONNER: George Bonner and Margaret Edmondston
   from Ireland/Scotland to Midway; George Bonner b. Lerkin, Co. Monaghan, 1822; emigrated 1st to Scotland where he joined Latter-day Saints; later excommunicated; mar. Margaret Edmondston, of Linlithgow, 1849; 9 children; George was rebaptised in the LDS; emigrated to Pennsylvania, then Salt Lake City
   By William F. Bonner, Kaye Bonner (Richland, Washington; Midway, Utah, 1998) - FHB

* BOOTHBY: Boothby Family
   Thomas Boothby, b. England, settled in Ireland and had children born there; came by way of Nova Scotia to Wells in the District of Maine
   By Unknown Author (USA, late 19th century?) - HT

* BORMAN: Some Descendants of William Borman and Catherine Rieley
   supplement to Genealogies of  Borman - Rieley - Power
   Compiled by Vernona Jane Hurd Linley (Middleton, Wisconsin, 1995) - FHB

* BOURKE, O'NEILL: The Ancestors and Descendants of James Bourke, Co. Clare and Anne O'Neill, Co. Limerick

   being the 2nd mar. for Bourke in Montreal, Quebec, 1848; 1st to Mary Donovan; descendants in Ireland, USA
   By James Burke (Syracuse, New York, 2007) - FHB - Co. Clare in: Google Maps - Co. Limerick in: Google Maps

* BOURKE: The Bourke Family Tree - its branches and twigs with Roots in Ireland

   John Bourke, b. County Kildare bef. 1685 emigrated to Virginia
   By Arlene Bartley Fearing (USA. 2010) - FHB


     - Some Account of the Bowdoin Family
      Pierre Baudouin fled from France to Ireland; short pedigree; wills
      By Temple Prime (New York, 1894) - OL - Peter Bowden (signed Baudouin), protestant, merchant, of the city of Wexford Ireland, now living in Salem, Mass. sold ship, lately of Dublin 1684 - 1686 - more on his estate... From The Essex Antiquarian - Vol IX (Salem, Massachusetts, 1907) - OL


   - Boyd of Derry
     William Boyd, a native of Co. Antrim, settled in Derry township, Pennsylvania bef. 1730; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
     By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps
   - The Boyd Family
     Including ...Allied Families
     By Scott Lee Boyd (Santa Barbara, California, 1935) - IA

* BOYD: 
Boyds of Loughros Point, The Rosses, America, Australia and New Zealand - Vol I - Vol II
     Co. Donegal; 20 family outlines, thousands of descendants
     By James Wilson Devitt (1,972 pages, Pittsburg? 1994) - FHB


   - The Descendants of Isaac Boyd of Northern Ireland - 1997 Register
     b. Armagh, 1852; mar. Anne Jane Strain, 6 children, one of whom emigrated to Dover, New Hamshire
     By The Marshall-David Library (Tucson, USA, 1997) - FHB
   - The English and Scotch Immigrant Ancestors of the Clapp-Cheney Family
     including Scotch-Irish
     By Charles Henry Pope (Compiled and Printed for The Family Only, Boston, 1900) - OL
   - Five typical Scotch Irish families of the Cumberland Valley
     Surnames in Ireland: OrrClement, CraigVance, Boyd, Watson
     Places in Ireland: North Down; Bullyblack (Ballyblack?); Clough County of Antrim; Derry; Killeade; Ardmore Co. Antrim; Ulster; Donegal; Burt; County Antrim; Bangor; Killyleagh
     By Mary Craig Shoemaker (Albany, New York, 1922) - OL - Ulster in: Google Maps
   -  History of the Boyd family, and Descendants
     Boyds in Scotland, Ireland and United States
     By William P. Boyd (Rochester, New York, 1884) - OL


   - A Long Way from Tipperary - Seven Generations of the Ryan and Boyle Families
     By Martha M. Ryan (Rockford, Illinois, 1992) - FHB - Co. Tipperary in: Google Maps
   - Descendants of Michael Boyle of Ireland and PA
     Born Co. Fermanagh, 1821; Died Conneaut Lake, PA., 1909
     By Dallas L. Phelps (Camden, S.C., 1999) - FHB

   - Richard Bradley and Descendants
     immigrated from Ireland to Duplin County, North Carolina; mar. there in 1762
     By Reed L. Clegg (Salt Lake City, Utah, ) - FHB
   - Witherspoons - Bradleys - Fultons
      in Scotland, Ireland, America
      By Annie Fulton Smithey (USA, c. 1960?) - FHB


   - Bradshaw Family
     James Bradshaw with his future wife Ruth LowtherQuakers from Ireland emigrated 1727 or 1729 via Barbados
     By Ralph E. Ecklund (USA? 1978) - FHB
   - Family Memorials
     John Bradshaw married Mary Wool; emigrated 1740 from Co. Antrim to New Jersey
     By Antoinette Bradshaw Shattuck, John Herman Bradshaw (Chicago, 1890) - OL - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps


   - Brady/Bain Family History
     Patrick Brady emigrated from Ireland to Georgia in 1766
     By Marjorie Monro Hall Renick, Robert E. Renick (Bend, Oregon, 1996, 1998) - FHB
   - History of the Families of McKinney-Brady-Quigley
     By Belle McKinney Hays Swope (Newville, Pennsylvania, 1905) - OL

* BRADY, McCORMICK: The Brady and McCormick Families of Ireland and New York
   Michael Brady b. Co. Cavan, abt. 1838 to Bernard Brady and Elizabeth McGovern; mar. Catherine McCormick, dau. of Patrick McCormick and Mary Tracy; 7 children
   By Daniel Harold Casey (West Hempstead, New York, 2003) - FHB

* BRANNEN: Family Chronicles
   Thomas Alexander Brannen came to America from Ulster about 1740
   By Jessie Warren BrannenBert Ballengee (Amarillo, Texas, revised 1965, revised 1996) - FHB - Ulster in: Google Maps

* BREAKENRIDGE: Genealogy of the Descendants of James Breakenridge

   Who emigrated from Ireland, July, 1727
   Collected and arranged by Cornelia A Gould (Ware, Massachusetts, 1887) - OL

* BRECKENRIDGE: The Breckenridge Family

   A Scotch-Irish family
   By Bill Putman (Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, 2011) - Website


   Samuel Breen b. 1800 and Margaret Murphy of Barnahasken, Kiltennel, County Carlow and their descendants in USA, Canada
   By Jeanne Mullen MacLardy (Oceanside, California, 1993) - FHB

* BRENNAN, BRANNING: The Branningville Story

   William Brennan, b. abt. 1750; immigrated from Co. Kilkenny to New York
   By Beverly Branning Green (North Topsail Beach, North Carolina, 2002) - FHB
   Co. Kilkenny in: Google Maps

* BRENNAN, WALSH: Descendants of James Brennan and Katherine Walsh

   James Breenan b. bet. 1799 - 1801, St. John's Parish, Co. Roscommon; d. Emmetsburg Iowa, 1886; Katherine Welsh b. bet. 1807 - 1819, Kilkenny, d. Emmetsburg, 1905
   By Cathy Joynt Labath and others (Iowa, 2006) - Celtic Cousins website - Co. Roscommon in: Google Maps - Co. Kilkenny in: Google Maps

* BRERETON: Brereton - A Family History

   England, Ireland, America
   By John Brereton (San Francisco, 1919) - OL

* BREWSTER: Sketch No 1

   from Maxwell History and Genealogy; James Brewster of Virginia b. Co. Derry, 1820
   By Florence Wilson Houston, Laura Cowan Blaine, Ella Dunn Mellette (Indianapolis, 1916) - OL

* BRICE: The Brice Family

   who settled in Fairfield County, South Carolina about 1785; John Brice emigrated to America shortly after the Revolutionary War; d. 1816
   By L. S. Brice (McCormick, South Carolina, 1956) - FHB

* BRISON: Brison Family History

   John M. Brison was born in 1835 in Ireland
   By David Wilbur Brison, Patricia Rogers Brison (USA, filmed 2001) - FHB

* BROCK: Francis Brock and Descendants

   eventually moved to New York City and later Toronto, Ontario; descendants in USA, Canada
   By Thomas D. Brock (Madison, Wisconsin, 2001) - FHB

* BRODERICK: Descendants of Thomas Broderick of Co. Cork

   b. 1825 and Adams County, Illinois, d. 1864; and Related Lines
   By Frances Adcock Broderick; Mary Price Aubertin (USA, 1996) - FHB

* BROOKENS, BROOKING: Brookings in Ireland

   Who were they and how did they get to America?
   By The Brooking Society (Vol 22 No. 1, Milford, Ohio, 2006) - FHB


   - Alexander Brown and His Descendants 1764 - 1916
     William Brown of good Scotch-Irish stock, b. 1715, Cairnkirn, Co. Antrim
     Compiled by Mary Elizabeth Brown (Privately Printed, 1917, East Orange, New Jersey) - OL - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps
   - Brown - Duncan and Associated Families
     Thomas Brown born in Ireland circa 1724 emigrated to Portsmouth, New Hampshire
     By Hazel M. Standeven (USA, 1981) - FHB
   - The Descendants of John A. Brown and Mary Ellen Martin
     John Alexander Brown, b. Ballybay, Co. Monaghan, 1872, son of James Brown and Sarah Duffy; mar. Crompton, Rhode Island, 1893, Mary Martin, dau. of John Martin and Mary Lynch; 6 children
     By John J. Brown (Santa Ana, California, 2012) - FHB
   - Family Tree Relating to the Brown Family of Ballywalter
     Co. Down; descendants in Ireland, Canada, U.S.A., South Africa
     By Mr. Frederick Brown (Ballywalter, 2013?) - Irish Emigration Database
   - History of the McTeear, Brown and Wylie Families
      William Brown, b. Co. Down, 1751
      By David V. Brown (Butler, Missouri, 1902) - OL 
    - Co. Down in: Google Maps
   - William Brown Family
     b. Cairnkrin, 1715 and Margaretta Davison 1725 - 1805 of Co. Antrim; 17 children - 13 died young; descendants in USA
     By George Stewart Brown (St. Leonard, Maryland,  2000) - FHB

* BROWNLEE: The Brownlee and Carpenter Families

   of Canada, Texas, Arkansas and Idaho; James Brownlee, b. Fermanagh, 1819 emigrated to Ontario
   By Brownlee Family Tree Project (San Marcos, California, 1994) - FHB

   - The Bryan Scroll - Book 1
      Sir Francis Bryan et Compangne: Avant et Apres Son Temps; in 1547 he received the districts of Leix and Offaly; mar. the widow of James Butler, 9th Earl of Ormonde who was poisoned; descendant William Bryan of Ballyroney (County Down?) settled in Virginia
      By David C. McMurtry, Ed.D., Michael L. Kallam, Ph.D. (Lexington, Kentucky, 1994) - FHB
      Bryan family, England, Ireland, America
      By Vivian E. Willis (Sturgeon, MO, 1986)- FHB
     William Smith Bryan, landholder prob. Co. Clare, transported to American Colonies, 1650 with his 11 sons
     By William B. Curd (USA? 13 May 1916)

* BUCHANAN: Buchanan Family Records
   some mention of Irish American Buchanans
   By William M. Clemens (Limited edition, New York, 1914) - OL

* BUCKLEY: Family Genealogy
   By Publius B. Lawson, L.L.B. (Menasha, Wisconsin, 1903) - OL - 'Book Notice' of this book in the New Hampshire Genealogical Record Vol II 1904 - 1905

* BURGESS: Voices from the Past

   John Burgess b. Belfast 1830 emigrated to Ontario; moved to Michigan 1882
   By Nancy Louise Burgess Quinn (Wisconsin, 1992) - FHB


   - 3,500 Years of Burkes
     England, Ireland, America
     By Eugene, Lois and Bob Burke, illustrated by Amy Burke (Oklahoma City, 1988) FHB
   - Burke - Brief History of an Irish Family
     In 1771 North Carolina named a new County 'Burke' after Dr. Thomas Burke of Orange Co., b, Co. Galway, abt. 1747
     A collection of various articles - FHB
   - Cohan Genealogy
     of Boston, Massachusetts
     Surnames in Ireland: CohanBurke, Connolley
     Places in Ireland: BandonConnaught
     By William Herbert Lee McCourtie (Minneapolis, 1914) - OL - Bandon in: Google Maps - Connacht in: Google Maps

* BURNETT: Family Monographs - The History of 24 Families in Middle West Side of New York City

   John Burnett b. Ireland, 1857, one of 6 children, the other 5 live in Ireland
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL

* BURNS, BYRNE, BYRNES: Family History of the Burns, Byrne, Byrnes

   Cornelius Byrne, b. Ireland, emigrated to Charleston, South Carolina
   By Virginia Byrne Ratliff (USA, late 20th century?) - FHB


   - The Butler Family
     England, Ireland, United States
     By Albert Wilmot Rook (150 copies, Chicago, 1901) - OL
   - Butleriana - Genealogica et Biographica
     concerning Mary Butler and her descendants; traditionary Ormond origin
     By James Davie Butler (Albany, New York, 1888) - OL
   - Family Memoirs
     Atwater, Butler, Brown
     Compiled by Belidna Atwater Foster; Lucy Atwater Brown; Marcia Parrish Rhodes; Lewis Brown (Indianapolis, 1915) - OL
   - A Genealogical Memoranda of the Butler Family
     with a continuation to 1844 by Captain John Butler
     By Walter Butler (USA, 1845) - FHB
   - Leaves from the Chancellor - Fitzgerald - Cooper - Edwards Tree
     Planted in America by Capt. Richard Chancellor 1682; Thomas Butler, Sr. grandson of Edward Butler, 8th Baronet of Ireland
     Gathered by C. W. Chancellor, M.D., United States Consul (Havre, France, 1895) - OL
   - Old King William Homes and Families
     An account of Some of the Old Homesteads and Families of King William County Virginia
     By Peyton Neale Clarke (Louisville, Kentucky, 1897) - OL
   - Origin and History of the Name of Butler
     with Biographies of all the most Noted persons of that name
     By The Crescent Family Record (Chicago, Illinois, 1905) - OL

* BYRNE: Family Genealogy of Robert Byrne and Linda Ann Caughlin: Family Histories of Byrne... Caughlin... 

   Matthew Byrne, b. Borris, Co. Carlow, 1833, m. Margaret Daly; emigrated to New Jersey
   Surnames in Ireland: Byrne, Byrnes, Daly, Melervey, Doris, MacDonald, Reilly, Coughlin, Sheridan
   By Robert Byrne (Scottsdale, Arizona, 2005) - FHB

* BYRNES: Byrnes Family History

   Daniel Byrnes, Sr., Quaker, b. Wicklow/Dublin?; m. Rebecca Fitch abt 1717; immigrated to Philadelphia abt. 1730
   By Ann Byrnes Alleman (USA, late 20th century?) - website - Dublin in: Google Maps
   - Caldwell Family
       of France, Scotland, Ireland and America
      By Mrs. Ida Caldwell Lazonby, & Mrs. Myrtle Caldwell Irwin (Copy, Dighton, Kansas, 1925) - FHB
   - The James Caldwell Family of Erie, Penna. and Chillcothe, Ill.
      Families in France, England, Scotland, Ireland and America
      By Fred Lewis Weede (Asheville, North Carolina, privately printed, 1959) - FHB

* CALHOUN: The Calhoun's from Ireland
   Patrick Calhoun came from Donegal, Ireland to the US in 1733 with his wife Mary Catherine Montgomery, and 4 sons
   By Robert S. Calhoun (USA? 1977) - FHB

   - Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John and Elizabeth Campbell
     With Brief Biographical Sketches; John Campbell came to America about the year 1775 and settled near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
     Edited by a Descendant E. Boylston Jackson (Philadelphia, 1883) - GB
   - Genealogy of the Campbell, Noble, Gorton, Shelton, Gilmour and Byrd Families
     By Mildred Campbell Whitaker (St. Louis, Missouri, 1927) - HT
   -  The McKinley Family, The Sloan Family, The Campbell Family
     of Northern Ireland and the United States
     By Joseph Mitchell Hewlett, Jr., BS, ME, MS, Commander USNR (Wyncote, PA, 1962) - FHB
     a record of the descendants of Robert Campbell of County Tyrone
     By Rev. Frederic Campbell (Brooklyn, New York, 1909) - OL - Northern Ireland in: Google Maps

* CANDLER: Our Cadwallader Ancestry in Britain and Ireland

   Thomas Candler of Callan Castle, Co. Kilkenny had 4 sons; Daniel Candler married Anna ______ of 'pure Irish' blood, emigrated to the Carolinas, then Virginia
   By George E. Koehler (Nashville, Tennessee, 1998) - FHB

* CAREY: The Ancestry of James Aloysius Carey

   Including the families of the Careys of Chicago and County Limerick, the Hickeys of Chicago and Lough Gur, County Limerick, the HarrigansKennedys and Duanes of Tipperary, and the Leddins of County Limerick, Ireland
   By Alice Carey Boyd (Pleasant Hill, California, 1997) FHB - Co. Limerick in: Google Maps - Co. Tipperary in: Google Maps

* CARMICAL, CARMICHAEL: Carmical/Carmichael of South Carolina

   Patrick Carmical born County Down, 1744; William Thompson born County Down about 1725; William Moore born Ireland about 1735
   By Mary Ann Kenady Schatz (Los Altos, California, 2004) - FHB - Co. Down in: Google Maps

* CARNAHAN: Descendants of William Carnahan

   b. Antrim, Ireland 1712; m. Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Martha, b. Antrim 1723
   By Marget E. Andreasen (Renton, Washington, 1998) - FHB - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps

* CARR: History of the Carr brothers of Portland, Maine and their Irish ancestors

   By Michael J. Carr (USA, 2011) - Website


   - Carroll Family
     extract from Family History; Deborah Carroll, dau. of Edward and Elizabeth Carroll, b. Co. Antrim, 1791; family settled in Columbiana county near New Garden
     By C. C. Randolph (Salem, Ohio, 1908) - OL - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps
   - Extract from the Carroll Tree
     of Moira, Co. Down; American Visitor's Quest
     By Thomas Henry Webb (Belfast, 1912) - Irish Emigration Database quoting PRONI quoting Belfast Evening Telegraph - Moira in: Google Maps
   - Some Colonial Mansions and those who lived in them
   The Carrolls of Maryland with genealogy
   By Thomas Allen Glenn (Philadelphia, 1899) - HT
   - Carroll of Maryland, USA in: O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol I

* CARRUTH: The Descendants of John Carruth
   Compiled by William W. Carruth (Boston, 1880) - IA

* CARSON: The Carsons of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan

   By David M. Carson (Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 1990) - FHB

* CASEY: Early Families of Casey in Rhode Island

   Thomas Casey of Newport, b. abt. 1637 - by tradition 'he was the sole survivor of his family which was destroyed in the 'Irish Massacre'; 'Magazine of New England History' Vol 3 1893
   By Gen. T. L. Casey (Newport, 1893) - IA
   - Casey of Tirowen, Canada, and America in: O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol I

* CASHIN: Descendants of Edward Cashin and Mary Ann Rodgers Cashin
   Cashin of Clonmel, Co. Tipperary; Rodgers of Co. Tyrone
   By Nancy Justus Morebeck (USA, 2008) - FHB - Clonmel in: Google Maps - Northern Ireland in: Google Maps

* CASSIDY: The Cassidys of Cassidy Lake

   William Cassidy b. Inver, Co. Donegal, 1797; emigrated to New Brunswick, 1819; descendants in Canada, USA
   By Peter and Brian Cassidy (Fredericton, N.B., 1997) - FHB - Inver in: Google Maps

* CESSNA: Cessna Connections

   John Cessna, son of Huguenot Jean de Cessna, born 1692 in Ireland
   By Patti Byers Winget (Ozark, Missouri, 2002) - FHB

* CHADWICK: The Chadwicks of Guelph and Toronto and their Cousins
   family in Ireland, England, Wales, Michigan, Canada
   By E. M. Chadwick (Privately printed, for family use only, Toronto, 1914) - OL

* CHAMBERS: Chambers Genealogy
   The Chambers family
   By H. B. Mackoy (USA, 1899) - OL

* CHEATLEY: The Cheatley Family
   of Northern Ireland and the United States
   By Joseph Mitchell Hewlett, Jr., BS, ME, MS, Commander USNR (Wyncote, PA, 1962) - FBH

* CHESTNUT, CHESTNUTT: John Chestnut of County Antrim
   and his descendants in N. Ireland, USA, Canada; b. Ballagmore, Co. Antrim; mar Rachel Wallace; 7 children; 2 children and some grandchildren emigrated to USA, Canada; possibly a Huguenot family
   By Elen Chestnutt; Lola Chestnut Higby; Wendell Blaine Chestnut (USA, 1999) - FHB

   - Chideock of Fermanagh; and America in: Corrigenda et Addenda - O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees Vol II

   - Clark Family History
     William and Thomas Clark of Scotch-Irish lineage; Quakers; joined Wm. Penn in new colony of Pennsylvania
     By Suzanna Mae Clark Grua (USA, 2007) - Website
   - Genealogical History of the Families of ... Clark
     By Sarah Robinson (Bennington, Vermont, 1837) - OL
   - A Genealogy of the Clarks
     of Guilford Court House (now Greensboro) North Carolina
     By Edward E. Clark and Daisy Clark (Mount Sterling, Illinois, 1912) - OL

   - Ancestry of Edward Wales Blake... with Ninety Allied Families
     Thaddeus Clarke, gentleman, was born in Ireland; descendants
     By Edith Bartlett Sumner (Los Angeles, 1948) - IA
   - A Brief Account of the Families White and Clarke
     By James Clarke White (privately printed, Boston, 1815) - OL
   - The Clarke Family
     ...Duncan Clarke of County Tyrone... on mother's side... whose name was Greer, residents also of County Tyrone
     By Lena M. Nieman (Los Angeles, California, 1905) - OL - Northern Ireland in: Google Maps
   - Clarke Family Records
     Patrick Clarke was born about 1785 in Co. Cavan. He married Mary Sheridan. They emigrated in 1830
     By Everett Jay Levell (Huntington Beach, California, 2000) - FHB - Co. Cavan in: Google Maps

* CLARKE, WADE: History of Patrick Clarke and Catherine Wade Clarke, their Ancestors and Descendants

   By their 2nd Son, William P. Clarke (Toledo, Ohio, 1946) - FHB

* CLEAR, O'CLEAR: The Clear Family and Their Descendants 1850 - 1993
   Martin O'Clear b. 1820 in Ireland; mar. Mary Scully b. Limerick, 1823; emigrated abt. 1850 settled in Iowa City, Iowa; siblings also emigrated
   By Margaret Goetz (California? 1993) - FHB

* CLELAND, CLEELAND: Descendants of Arthur Cle(e)land and Eleanor McMillan and Thomas J Kelty and Ellen Cleland

   1770's Ireland to Pennsylvania
   By Mirian Reyburn-Steele (Sea Island, Georgia, 2006) - FHB

* CLELAND: Cleland Cousins
   A Genealogy and Biographical Album of Cleland
   Surnames in Ireland: PurdyJamesonRicheyMartinLindsayPiperBassetMcMurrayCroskery, LowryLindsayMcAllisterThompson...
   Places in Ireland: BangorCreevycarnonanCarsonstownKillyleaghBallywollenDerryboyInch...
   Compiled by Glen and Rebekah (Deal) Oliver (Dallas, 1962) - HT - County Down in: Google Maps

* CLEMENTS: A Clements Family Record

   with Notes on Allied Families; William Clements, weaver, b. abt. 1735 came to Philadelphia abt 1760; Richard Graham, b. Ireland abt. 1735, d. Westmoreland County, 1806 also Robert Graham his son, b. Ireland abt. 1763; Hugh McGready, b. Ireland 1763, d. 1821 Plum township, Allegheny County, mar. Jane Lowrie, b. Ireland; mention of ArmstrongLoftus, Bagnall, Parsons, Worsop, Wilson, Calvert in Ireland; WoodsRiddellRoach in Ireland and America
   By Jaquetta Clements Wallace (Pittsburgh, 1959) - IA

* CLENDENIN: Synoptical Family History

   Giving Sketches of the Glendonyn-Gelndening-Clendenin Cledneding, Etc., Family; John Clendenin of Scottish lineage emigrated from Ireland to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1746
   By Daniel W. Clendenan (Chicago, late 19th century?) - FHB

* COBURN: William Coburn's Family History: Ohio
   a native of Ireland came to America with an older brother
   By Hilda Miller, Marian Brophy (Dayton, Ohio; Riverside, California, 2006) - FHB


     (from Scotland) in Ireland and America
     Part 1. Written by Robert Cochran (3 May 1730)
     Part 2. Written later, data of the American Family
   - Chronicles of the Cochrans
     By Ida Cochran Haughton (Columbus, Ohio, 1915) - OL
   - Cochran
     extract from 'The Bard Family'; As early as 1570 John Cochran of Paisley, Scotland went to Ireland; 5 generations later Robert Cochran's sons emigrated to Pennsylvania
     By G. O. Seilhamer (Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1908) - OL
   - The Cochran Tree
     Vol II Chapter VI, Section I - 6 generations of descendants of Robert Cochran and 'The Deaf Robert Line' from Mayboy, Londonderry, Ulster to West Fallowfield, Chester, Pennsylvania, p. 678
     Vol II Chapter VIII, Section V - 6 generations of descendants of John Cochran of Londonderry, Ulster to Main, New Hampshire, p. 1130
     Vol II Chapter IX, Section I - 12 generations of descendants of George Cochran of Mayboy, Londonderry, Ulster to New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, p. 1155
     Vol II Chapter IX, Section II - 3 generations of descendants of Ninian Cochran of Mayboy, Londonderry, Ulster to New Hampshire Pennsylvania p. 1268
     By Miles Edward Cochran, Jr. (Baltimore, Maryland, 2003) - FHB

* COFFEE: The Personal and Family History of Charles Hooks and Margaret Monk Harris

   By James Coffee Harris (Rome, GA, 1911) - HT

   - Thomas Coffey and His Descendants
     Pioneer, b. 1742; his grandfather came from Ireland immigrated to Essex Co. Virginia
     By Lawrence H. Coffey (Chattanooga, 1931) - FHB
   - Descendants of Salathial Coffey
     John Coffey b, abt. 1621 in Ireland came to this country in 1637
     By William T. Dungan, Pearl Dungan (USA, 1970's?) FHB

* COHAN: Cohan Genealogy
   of Boston, Massachusetts
   Surnames in Ireland: CohanBurke, Connolley, Coughlin
   Places in Ireland: BandonConnaught
   By William Herbert Lee McCourtie (Minneapolis, 1914) - OL - Bandon in: Google Maps - Connacht in: Google Maps

* COLDEN: Genealogical Notes of the Colden Family in America

   Cadwallader Colden, b. Ireland of Scottish parents, 1687; Lieutenant Governor of New York
   By Edwin Ruthven Purple (Privately printed, New York, 1873) - FHB


   - History and Genealogies of the families of Miller, Woods, etc
     Surnames in Ireland: KavenaughMillerWoodsWallace, Lapsley
      Places in Ireland: AntrimDublinMonasterevinCastle Dunshanglin (Dunshaughlin?)
      By W. H. Miller (Richmond, Kentucky, 1907) - IA - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps - Dublin in: Google Maps - Monasterevin in: Google Maps - Dunshaughlin in: Google Maps
   - Old King William Homes and Families
   An account of Some of the Old Homesteads and Families of King William County Virginia
   By Peyton Neale Clarke (Louisville, Kentucky, 1897) - OL

* COLES: William Temple Coles Family : from Ireland to North Carolina
   and beyond; of Dublin and Gorey, Co. Wexford
   By William Haggard Coles, Jr.; Ronald Peyton Coles; Paul M. Crocker (Nashville, Tennessee, 2010) - FHB

* COLLINS: Genealogy of the Edwin and Edith Collins Family

   Patrick Collins b. 1800 Ireland; m. Knockanore, Co. Waterford, 1821, Margaret Hickey
   By Cindy Neureuther (Berkeley, California, 2006) - FHB - Knockanore, Co. Waterford in: Google Maps

* COLLINS, WILSON, DICKEY, TEAGUE: Our Folks and Your Folks

   family history and biographical sketches
   By Florence Collins Porter; Clara Wilson Gries (Los Angeles, 1919) - OL

* COLLON: Descendants of John Collon and Mary Ann McDonald

   Family believed to have been started by an Irish priest Patrick Collins; descendants in Michigan, Washington
   By Jerome D. Bosley (Canada, digital 2009) - FHB

* COLWELL: The John Colwell Family of Latnadrona, Co. Cavan

   descendants in Ireland and USA
   Related families: Flanagan, Smyth, Galligan, Coyle, Drumm
   By Donald Patrick Brosnan (Tucson, Arizona, 1997) - FHB

* COMISKY: They Came From Ireland - The James Comisky Family History

   b. Ireland 1827; immigrated 1844; m. 1858 Bridget Quinn, b. Co. Galway 1838
   By Marcella Comisky Obermeier (Redmond, Washington, 2000) - FHB - Co. Galway in: Google Maps


   - Calling All Condons
     in Canada and USA
     By Audrey Condon DelaneyJudy Potter Baird (500 copies only, Thornhill, Ontario, 1983) - FHB
   - Condon of Invermay
     Johnson Lafferty Condon, b. Ireland, 1837 emigrated to Wentworth County, Ontario; descendants in Ontario, Saskatchewan, USA
     By Audrey Condon Delaney (Thornhill, Ontario, 1980) - FHB

* CONNER: Sons of the Wilderness
   John and William Conner
   Place in Ireland: Castle PollardCounty of Westmeath
   By Charles N. Thompson (Indianapolis, 1937) - OL - Castlepollard in: Google Maps - Co. Westmeath in: Google Maps

   - Connor traced from biblical times; O'Connor of Mount Druid; O'Connor of Dundermott; O'Connor of Milton;  O'Connors of Kerry; Connor of Connorville, Bandon; followed by Connor Family in America in: American Family Antiquity - Vol II
     See also: O'CONNOR

* CONLEY, CONNOLLY: The Conley Family
   supplement to The Garrison and Allied Families
   By Paul Edwin Power (Columbia, Illinois, 1981) - FHB

* CONNOLLEY: Cohan Genealogy
   of Norwood, Massachusetts
   Surnames in Ireland: CohanBurke, Connolley
   Places in Ireland: ConnaughtBandon
   By William Herbert Lee McCourtie (Minneapolis, 1914) - OL - Bandon in: Google Maps - Connacht in: Google Maps

* CONNOLLY: Connolly-Baylis Family History
   Bernard F. Connolly b. Ireland 1835, emigrated to California about 1860
   By Barbara Jean Connolly (Santa Rosa, California, 1993) - FHB


   - Descendants of Martin Henry Conry 1816 - 1894 from County Roscommon
   - Descendants of Patrick Leonard 1800 - 1872 of Gurwane
     Martin Conry married Mary Leonard, b. Gurwane, Kilbegnet, Galway, dau. of Patrick Leonard and Mary Smyth about 1850; descendants mainly in New Jersey
     By William T. Conry (Freehold, New Jersey, 2006) - FHB - Co. Roscommon in: Google Maps - Kilbegnet in: Google Maps


   Autumn Leaves from the Family Tree - Vol I - Vol II
   Cooney line is traced to Ireland
   By Autumn Swope Taylor (USA, 1988) - FHB

* CORBETT: A Family History - Vols I, II
   Williams (McWilliams) and Corbett immigrant families from Ireland
   By George L. Williams (Privately Printed, Port Washington, New York, 2006) - Vol II - FHB

* CORCORAN: A Grandfather's Legacy
   ...obituary notices of some members of his family... letters...
   Place in Ireland: Limerick
   By W. W. Corcoran (Washington, 1879) - OL - Co. Limerick in: Google Maps

* CORR: Old King William Homes and Families
   An account of Some of the Old Homesteads and Families of King William County Virginia
   By Peyton Neale Clarke (Louisville, Kentucky, 1897) - OL

* COUEY: A McClure Genealogy

   Some Descendants of John McClure and Christian Couey of Co. Antrim begining in 1715
   By Charles Dennie McClure and Pamela Henley McClure (Carrollton, Georgia, 2997) - FHB - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps

* COUGHLIN: Cohan Genealogy
  of Boston, Massachusetts
   Surnames in Ireland: CohanBurke, ConnolleyCoughlin
   Places in Ireland: BandonConnaught
   By William Herbert Lee McCourtie (Minneapolis, 1914) - OL - Bandon in: Google Maps - Connacht in: Google Maps

* COULTER: Coulter Family

   Handwritten, quite faint
   By Nancy Louis (Coulter) Eddy (USA, 1907) - OL

* COWAN: A Chronological Genealogy of James Cowan, Sr. and his Descendants

    Surnames in Ireland: CowanRussell
    Compiled by Julia E. Sellers (Lebanon, Ohio, 1911-1919) - OL


   - Cowden of Paxtang
     Matthew Cowden, b, north of Ireland, abt. 1707 d. 1773 Paxtang, then Lancaster county; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
     By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Ulster in: Google Maps
   - An illustrated, historical and biographical sketch of the descendants of William Cowden who migrated from Ireland to America about A.D. 1730 and of James Gilliland who came from the same land and about the same time
     Including a System of Charts
     Surnames in Ireland: CowdenGilliland
     Places in Ireland: North Ireland
     By Robert Cowden (Dayton, Ohio, 1915) - OL - Ulster in: Google Maps

* COX: As a Tree Grows - a Genealogy of the Cox and Allied Families
   of Northwestern North Carolina; a preliminary history; Michael Cox, Esquire, seated at Kilworth, County Cork...
   By Verl F. Weight (Limited to 200 copies, Carmichael, California, 1962) - FHB - Kilworth, Co. Cork in: Google Maps


   - Five typical Scotch Irish families of the Cumberland Valley
     Surnames in Ireland: OrrClement, CraigVance, Boyd, Watson
     Places in Ireland: North Down; Bullyblack (Ballyblack?); Clough County of Antrim; Derry; Killeade; Ardmore Co. Antrim; Ulster; Donegal; Burt; County Antrim; Bangor; Killyleagh
     By Mary Craig Shoemaker (Albany, New York, 1922) - OL - Ulster in: Google Maps
   - Neville and Craig
     Amelia Neville m. Isaac Craig, b. near Hillsborough, Co. Down, 1741, bur. First Presbyterian church, Pittsburgh; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
     By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Hillsborough in: Google Maps

* CRAIN: Crain of Hanover
   William Crain and wife Jean of Co. Down, came to America 1732; section of Pennsylvania Genealogies: Scotch-Irish and German
   By William Henry Egle, M.D., M.A. (Harrisburg, 1886) - OL - Co. Down in: Google Maps


   - Crawford of New York; Crawford of Northern Ireland
     extract from Ancestral Lines from Maine to Virginia; John Crawford, b. Co. Tyrone abt. 1707; mar. Jane Henderson; see also Kyle
     By Carl Boyer 3rd (Santa Clarita, California, 2002) - Borrow this book from OL - Northern Ireland in: Google Maps
   - The Crawford Family of Oakham, Massachusetts
     By tradition the Crawfords were of Scottish origin who settled in Co. Tyrone; emigrated to Boston 1713
     By General William Crawford (Oakham, 1912) - FHB
   - The Descendants of Matthew Crawford of Raloo, County Antrim
     b. abt. 1760; mar. Jennett or Janet, 8 children born in Ireland; 4 children emigrated to USA
     By Stewart Baldwin (Auburn, Alabama, 1990) - FHB

* CREIGHTON: Biographical Sketches

   of Edward, John A., Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Creighton; James Creighton, a native of Co. Monaghan, came to America in 1805; Creighton University founded through a gift of Mary Lucretia Creighton
   By P. A. Mullens, S.J. (Omaha, Nebraska, 1901) - OL - Co. Monaghan in: Google Maps

* CROCKETT, De CROCKETAGNE: Genealogical Chart of the Crockett Family

   A Huguenot settled in Ireland; descendants changed name to Crockett; descendants in Ireland, America
   By Mary Lewis Turner (USA, late 20th century) - FHB - More about Irish Crocketts in: 'The Crockett Family of Maine' by Donna Hopkins Scott (Provo, Utah, 1968) - FHB

* CROSSEN, CROSSIN, CROSSON, CROSSAN, McCROSSON: Ar m'intinn Gaelach (On My Irish mind)

   By Dennis M. Crossen (USA, 2003) - FHB

* CROTHERS: Crothers Family

   from Maxwell History and Genealogy; William Crothers m. Mary Doak
   By Florence Wilson Houston, Laura Cowan Blaine, Ella Dunn Mellette (Indianapolis, 1916) - OL

* CROWLEY: Chronicles of the Smith-Crowleys of Ireland and Iowa County, Wisconsin

   Patrick Crowley b. Co. Cork, 1817 mar. Mary Smith Knockamore Parish, Co. Waterford; 14 children
   By Carol Doran Barlow (Privately published Roseville, California, 1999) - FHB

* CRUCE: Cruce Family Genealogical Records ca. 1700 - 1900

   The Cruce family immigrated from Belfast to South Carolina from there scattered all over the U.S. Also in Canada
   By Pauline Cruce Kidwiler (Clinton, Missouri, 1989) - FHB - Belfast in: Google Maps

* CULBERTSON: Culbertson and Allied Families

   Joseph, Samuel and Alexander Culbertson immigrated from Ireland to Pennsylvania; descendants in Kentucky and Missouri
   By Sarah Frances Jarvis Pierce (Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1957) - FHB

* CUMMINGS: Cummings, Baker: Passage to Easy Street

   Edward Cummings, b. Ireland 1848, moved to Pennsylvania
   By Peggy Baker Cummings (USA, 1988?) - FHB


   - A family of Millers and Stewarts
     By Dr. Robert F. Miller (St. Louis, Missouri, 1909) - IA
   - Kith and Kin
     Genealogical Data of (various) Families
     Surnames in Ireland: Stewart, Cummins, Galbraith, Hopkins, Ward, Drummond
     Places in Ireland: Fort Stewart, Co. Donegal; Letterkenny; Carnamauga; Green Hill; Convoy
     By Willis Milnor Dixon (Los Angeles, 1922) - OL

  - Cunningham, O'Rourke and O'Towle
     Lawrence Cunningham (Co. Louth), William O'Rourke and James O'Towle (Queen's Co.), their Irish ancestors, their Wisconsin and Massachusetts descendants
     Related families: Rice, Daw, Murphy, Fleming, Toole, Lane, Riordan, Dawe, Rourke
     By Eileen Murphy Hartman (Delaware, 2011) - FHB - Related titles: 'Murphy, Fleming and Buckley'; 'Daw, Cunningham, Toole and Rourke'
  - History of the Cunningham Family
     Descendants of John Cunningham, and his wife Elizabeth who emigrated to America from the Scotch Settlement in the North of Ireland about the year 1748
     By (1907) John Cunningham, Francis Cunningham, Robert Cunningham; updated 1930 by Frances Cunningham Harper, Francis Alexander Cunningham, Fern Hubbird Bain (Williamsport, PA, 1930) - IA
  - The McCues of the Old Dominion
   Supplemented with Brief Charts of ...Cunningham Families
   Surnames in Ireland: McCue, Moffett, McDowell, Barry, Dorman, Aull, Langtry, Cunningham, Wiber
    Places in Ireland: Ulster; Prince of Wales, Northern Ireland; County Donegal; County Antrum (Antrim)
   Compiled by John N. McCue (Virginia, 1912) - OL - Ulster in: Google Maps

* CURRENT: Genealogy of the Current and Hobson Families
   By Annie E. Current (New Castle, Indiana, 1906) IA

   James Curry of Celtic stock b. Co. Antrim abt. 1728 - 32; emigrated to Virginia
   By Betty J. Tripp (USA, digital 2009) - FHB - Co. Antrim in: Google Maps

   Mary Curtis, her father, an Irishman, was owner of canal boat in which she was b. 1844; m. David Carpenter, 1860
   By Elsa G. Herzfeld (New York, 1905) - OL

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